From the Editor
June 1st 2015

Waking up each Monday, wondering how the weekend buzzed past us so fast, looking forward to Friday as we go through our daily snooze-button routine. Yeah, we all know the feeling. I just wish a large glass of Prosecco was socially acceptable for 10:30am, unfortunately, we haven’t quite evolved to that point just yet.

Yet, I’m not a part of this. I’ve now finished my summer term at uni, so I’m a free woman. I can do whatever I want, whenever I want. Sleep in as late as I like, eat whenever I please, zero responsibilities. Sounds like bliss I hear all you London hard-working commuters say? I see your point, but in all honesty I feel a bit fed up, a bit like a blank canvas … I’ve got nothing to do, nowhere to go and more to the point no money to ‘go and do as I please’ – being a student makes that off limits. I start work in July but until then I’m just kind of a nothing, so what can I do? I have a whole month to start my fitness programme and get super hot for that 2 weeks in the sun I can’t wait for. But will I? Hmmm, I’ll keep you posted. Repeated episodes of The Inbetweeners and Outnumbered seem to be my current daily routine.

Now, we’ve arrived in June. It’s scary how quickly the time goes. We spend so much time looking forward to the summer holidays we’ve booked, the date that Balmain and HM collaboration is taking place, cocktail parties and hot tub evenings, that we forget to live in the now. How about this week we all try and forget about looking forward to something and make today a memory worth remembering? Just an idea. Happy June girls, grab yourselves a cocktail at lunch – your hot arse has earned it.


From the Editor
April 3rd 2015

We spend our days yawning and wiping the sleepy tears away from our eyes. I wake up later than my alarm promised me I would due to my numerous prods of the ‘snooze’ button thinking “just 5 more minutes” as if this short amount of extra time with my eyes closed will make me feel miraculously rested and awake.

You know those days where you spend hours putting your face on and making your hair look so sophisticated even you yourself look in the mirror and congratulate your reflection on their good job? Only to walk out the house for the wind to interrupt your elegance and make it look like a make up bag has thrown up over your face … brilliant.

Not to worry: beauty hacks, big butts, drunken exploits and my sex secrets are all out on the table, the only thing missing is a cup of tea. I need tea.

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